Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify for Habitat for Humanity housing program:

Need  (1) You/Your family must currently be living in substandard or poverty housing: e.g.-structural problems (leaky roof, unsafe flooring. etc, inadequate electrical, plumbing or heating systems, unhealthy conditions, inoperable kitchen or bathroom. overcrowding three to a bedroom, etc.  (2) You/Your family must be cost-burdened and paying more than 30% of your monthly gross income for rent and utilities. (3) You/Your family must be living in public housing. 

Ability to pay –  If your family is larger than 4 people, a higher income amount is allowed, but cannot exceed 60% of Etowah Co. AMI (Average Median Income). Your family’s projected  mortgage cannot exceed 30% of the mortgagee’s gross income. All steady sources of income are added to determine your total monthly and annual income: (e.g. salary. SSI, Social Security. child support. etc.) Your family’s projected mortgage plus long-term debt cannot exceed 43% of mortagee’s gross income. 

Willingness to partner You/Your family must complete 300 hours of volunteer sweat-equity by helping to build houses, attending Partnership Classes & Family Focus meetings on personal finances, budgeting. developing better credit. home & lawn maintenance, helping with fund raising, office work, etc. 

A $600 down payment and first year’s estimated insurance premium ($1,200) are required for a total of $1,800. These payments must begin upon acceptance and paid over a period of months. Payments must be completed prior to closing on the house.

You/Your family must have resided in Etowah County for at least one (1) year.


If you wish to apply please fill out Preliminary Screening Form below